Best Paper Award at EURAM 2015 Expatriate Management Track

Once again, we have good news to spread. With Dr. Anna Katharina Hildisch, one of the members in our scientific network won, together with her co-authors Fabian J. Froese and Soo Min Toh, the Best Paper Award in the Expatriate Management Track at one of the major conferences in management. Congratulations!

Her paper entitled “Foreigners welcome? Discrimination and turnover of self-initiated expatriates in Asia” has been awarded the Journal of Global Mobility (JGM) Best Paper Award at the Expatriate Management Track (EMT) at the upcoming EURAM 2015 Conference. The Reward Panel, consisting of the Editorial Team of JGM, acted as double-blind judges and declared the paper this year’s winner. The award ceremony will take place at the EURAM 2015 Conference, announcement of the recipients of the award will also be displayed at the JGM Website.

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2015 Annual Report by the RES Forum Launched

The RES Forum is an independent, highly engaged, and international community of senior in-house International Human Resources professionals with members in over 35 countries. Not influenced by external parties or third-party vendors, the RES Forum collaborates on shared projects and initiatives, with the goal of learning together and from each other. While consisting of members from the corporate world, the RES Forum highly values academic research in their field and actively attempts to combine theory and practice.

Therefore, the RES Forum compiles an Annual Report based on internal surveys and evaluations. The 2015 Annual Report, authored by Professor Michael Dickmann, an external guest and supporter of our Scientific Network, has just been published. A summary of the report can be downloaded here, for more information, please contact the RES Forum team directly (

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AoM Symposium on International Business in Hostile Environments

Initiated by Carol Reade, San Jose State University, and based on subsequent discussions among members of the scientific network, we are happy to announce the acceptance of a Panel Symposium at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Vancouver, Canada. The panel, which is sponsored by the BPS and the IM division, will address terrorism and violent conflicts as a special form of country risk, when doing international business. Once the final schedule is online, further information will be provided here.

The line-up for this panel symposium consists of scholars in the field of IB and HR, having substantial experience in research focusing on hostile environments. In particular, the panelists are Benjamin Bader (Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany), Michael Dickmann (Cranfield University, UK), Jennifer Oetzel (American University, USA), Chang Hoon Oh (Simon Frasier University, Canada), and Tassilo Schuster (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany).

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International Journal of Human Resource Management – Call for Papers

We are happy to announce that two of our network members, Benjamin Bader and Tassilo Schuster, are guest-editing a Special Issue of the International Journal of Human Resource Management together with Michael Dickmann. The Special Issue focuses on managing people in hostile environments and solicits articles dealing with danger and risk as challenges in HRM.

For further information, please find the official call visiting or downloading the file here.

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Second Meeting held Successfully in Vienna, Austria

Our Scientific Network on Expatriate Management had its second meeting on February 26 and 27, 2015 in Vienna. The meeting was held at the Department of Global Business & Trade at the WU University of Business and Economics.

The first day was kicked-off by a keynote speech of our guest speaker Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Head of the Interdisciplinary Institute ofManagement and Organisational Behaviour, Department of Management, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Austria. After pointing out the importance of interdisciplinary exchange and networking among colleagues, he shared his thoughts and ideas about future research avenues in expatriate management.

The remainder of the day was structured by presenting and discussing the manuscript ideas, based on the extended abstracts shared with the group before the meeting. In particular, each author (or group of authors) introduced their progress and had prepared a set of questions that were subject to discussion. Furthermore, many constructive questions and comments from the guests researchers and the group enriched the discussion and helped to further develop the papers. All participants agreed that the participation of the external guests was particularly fruitful and valuable in order to reflect and improve the research ideas.

On the second day, our guest speaker Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen, Chair for Human Resource Management at the University of Bamberg, gave a keynote speech on her personal work-related networks as well as future research opportunities in the field of HR. Following that, the remaining extended abstracts were discussed.

The workshop concluded with a final wrap-up, preparing the deadlines and tasks for the meeting in Nürnberg. The goal is for each author to have a first draft of the final paper ready, which will be discussed in further detail in July in Nürnberg.

Here are some visual impressions of the meeting:






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Dr. Tassilo Schuster Receives 20,000 EUR Research Grant

Good news reached us in early February 2015! Our network member Dr. Tassilo Schuster received a 20,000 EUR research grant from the Dr. Theo and Friedl Schoeller Research Center for Business and Society to study the challenges of inpatriates in the Nuernberg Metropolitan Region. The topic of his research project and the aims and scope will be presented here.

Many companies in the Nuernberg Metropolitan Region, such as Siemens, Ina Schaeffler, Adidas, Puma, Leoni, GfK, Playmobil, and Diehl, have become global actors and are now operating on a global scale. The global presence of these companies has increased the number of assignments of foreign employees to the headquarters (inpatriation) as those help to achieve an efficient coordination of foreign subsidiaries and a reciprocal knowledge transfer. Currently, about 10,000 foreign employees are working permanently or temporarily in the Nuernberg Metropolitan Region. However, over the last years it has become increasingly difficult for companies to attract highly qualified foreign employees to work and live here. Two different facts are causing these challenges. First, for the individual inpatriate, relocating to a foreign country goes along with many changes in his/her life, which are usually perceived as very challenging and sometimes overwhelming. One big challenge is leaving the familiar social network behind. This often is accompanied with the loss or at least limitation of social support, which is usually drawn from this network. Moreover, inpatriates have to deal with different cultural values, unexpected behavior, and often language barriers in the host country. Finally, inpatriates are often considered as a source of irritation by the local staff and have a low reputation.

Second, even though the Nuernberg Metropolitan Region is economically important, it is regarded as less attractive compared to other metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Madrid, Amsterdam, Paris, or London. Moreover, there is still a lack of international offerings and international-oriented services, which would help the inpatriates to feel more comfortable in the new environment. Nowadays, attracting highly qualified employees is considered as a crucial factor to maintain a firm’s competitive advantage and to secure its long-term survival.

Aims and Scope
The aim of the research project is to explore the challenges of inpatriates in the Nuernberg Metropolitan Region and they evaluate the working and living condition in this region. Moreover, the research project aims at providing recommendations on how private and public institutions/actors can help to improve the living and working conditions of these employees.

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Working Paper Titles and Extended Abstracts for Meeting in Vienna

The upcoming meeting in Vienna will start in about two weeks. Biggest part of the agenda will be the presentation and discussion of nine working papers / extended abstracts. These have been distributed among the members in order to prepare the meeting. We are happy to work on the following projects:

  • Expatriate Assignments and Internationalization Strategies: A Critical Examination of Existing Staffing Practices (Isidor, R. & Hildisch, A. K.)
  • Language Barriers in Different Forms of International Assignments (Tenzer, H. & Schuster, T.)
  • Repatriate Career Development – Option or Necessity? A Taxonomy of Repatriation Strategies from the MNC Perspective (Schuster, T. & Bader, B.)
  • The Role of Host Country Nationals‘ Social Support for Expatriate Performance – A Conceptual Approach (Hildisch, A. K.)
  • Expatriate Performance and Cultural Context (Baum, M. & Isidor, R.)
  • Repatriate Career Development – Option or Necessity? A Taxonomy of Repatriation Strategies from the MNC Perspective (Breitenmoser, A.)
  • Motivations and Expectations of Global Careers in Germany: An Empirical Snapshot Study (Bader, B.)
  • Expatriate Managers From Emerging Economies (Baum, M. & Abrashi, N.)
  • Expatriate Management on Individual and Organizational Levels: A Conceptual Framework (Becker, S., Meiseberg, B. & Zapkau, F.)
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Expat-Research Survey Platform Available

In order to host online surveys, a LimeSurvey platform has been set up. LimeSurvey is a free, open-source online survey application written in PHP and based on an SQL database. It enables users to develop and publish online surveys and collect responses on a web server and is thus the technical backbone of empirical research.

As one of the first projects, a short survey on expatriate motivations and expectations will be hosted from mid-March on. The results will be analyzed and presented in one chapter of the network’s edited book.

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Upcoming Meeting in Vienna

We are excited about the second meeting of our Scientific Network on Expatriate Management, which will take place on February 26 and 27, 2015 in Vienna (Austria). This meeting will build on the theoretical preparatory work in Hamburg. Each member will contribute to one or more articles in the final book project. By the time of the meeting, the chapters will roughly be structured and all papers already exist in the form of an extended abstract.

We are happy to welcome two guests, who will review our abstracts and guide us in the process of structuring and compiling the final book. Our guests are:

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mayrhofer, head of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Management and Organisational Behaviour at Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria). He conducts research in the area of Comparative International Human Resource Management and Leadership.
  • Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen, Chair of the Department of Business Administration at University of Bamberg (Germany). She focuses on Human Resource Management and specializes in international behavioral-oriented workforce and management research, e.g. foreign operations, organizational development, diversity management and flexibilization of working hours.

We are looking forward to another productive and constructive meeting in Vienna!

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Paper on Expatriation Management Published

Benjamin Bader and Tassilo Schuster just published a paper on Expatriate Management in the Journal of International Management. It is entitled “Expatriate Social Networks in Terrorism-Endangered Countries: An Empirical Analysis in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia” and can be downloaded directly on the publisher’s website:

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