Finally: Expatriate Management – Transatlantic Dialogues Published

We are proud to announce that after the official ending of the Scientific Network, our Edited Volume (Expatriate Management – Transatlantic Dialogues) has been published with Palgrave MacMillan.

This book provides state-of-the art research on expatriate management from a European perspective. Considering issues related to the different phases of expatriation and comprehensive contemporary topics of expatriate management, the chapters present a long overdue holistic approach to the field. Rather than just publishing a counterweight to the predominant North American literature, Expatriate Management includes critical analyses of each chapter written by a number of renowned North American scholars to review and contribute to the Transtlantic Dialogue. For further information, please check out this link.

It was a long way until here and we are happy that we can finally present the results of our work to the public. We are very grateful for the tremendous effort of all contributors to make this happen. Thank you very much!!!

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