Meeting with Mickey Mouse – AOM Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California

A quite big group of researchers in our network also attended the 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) in Anaheim, USA – hosted near Disneyland. While some might have made a trip into the theme park as well, the focus clearly was on research. Our network members presented various studies on topics such as diversity, expatriation, or entrepreneurship.

Tassilo Schuster (University of Erlangen-Nürnberg), Bastian Breitmayer, Benjamin Bader, and Matthias Pelster (all Leuphana University of Lüneburg) presented a very interdisciplinary study on the investigation on the implications of TMT diversity in turbulent markets. Katharina Bader and Lena Kemper (both University of Göttingen) discussed the attitudes toward women in the case of Scandinavian subsidiaries in Japan. Along with two co-authors, Rodrigo Isidor (University of Paderborn) examined the moderating role of recruiting source for the relationship of women in top management teams and firm performance. In another study, Rodrigo showed effects of gendered wording in job advertisements on female applicant pool quantity and quality.

Another big topic was expatriation. Katharina Bader and Fabian Froese (University of Göttingen) examined German expatriates’ work-life boundary adjustment in South Korea and introduced their findings to the AOM audience. Furthermore, Benjamin Bader and Tassilo Schuster presented their paper „Opening the Black Box: Social Support and Expatriate Social Networks in Low and High Risk Countries“ which was included in the Best Paper Proceedings. The paper was also awarded IM Division Best Paper in OB/HRM/OT Finalist. Also honored with being accepted for the Best Paper Proceedings was the paper presented by Anne Burmeister, Jürgen Deller (Leuphana University of Lüneburg), and Mila Lazarova (Simon Fraser University) on the influence of motivation, opportunity, ability, and tacitness on repatriate knowledge transfer. Another team from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg with Tassilo Schuster, Dirk Holtbrügge, Franziska Engelhard discussed their work on the process of reverse knowledge transfer of inpatriates.

A very pressing issue in management research is entrepreneurship. Rodrigo Isidor presented his research on immigration and entrepreneurship, while Matthias Baum and Jens Schüler (TU Kaiserslautern) showed meta-analytical results on the antecedents of entrepreneurial orientation. Moreover, Matthias Baum and his colleagues similarly looked more closely on the relationship between international diversification and firm performance.

Another important topic, which was introduced to the conference by Helene Tenzer (Tübingen University) and her colleagues in a workshop is the topic of language in international management research. In this PDW, researchers exchanged their views and work on a very timely topic.

Finally, Anne Burmeister was organizer of two very interesting Professional Development Workshops, one focusing on case-based teaching, showcasing the 2nd edition of the Global HRM Casebook, the other one on publishing in top-tier US journals for non-US scholars.

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