Finalization of Papers for Edited Volume

With the end of the year approaching, our network is also about finishing the papers for the edited volume. All papers have been peer-reviewed internally and are now in the final round of revision before they are going to be sent out to the commentators. We are very happy to have ten papers that will be included in the book, which is going to be published in the second half of 2016.

Our goal of sparkling a transatlantic dialog is realized by including brief comments from US and Canadian researchers. Therefore, each chapter is followed by a brief comment authored by scholars from North America, where a short review and assessment of the manuscript from their perspective as well as the respective topic is presented. This is intended to be the basis for a fruitful academic conversation that hopefully goes on in the years to come. Overall, the book is intended to contribute to a new, transcontinental exchange and collaboration between European and North American academics, in order to push forward the field of research on international assignments.

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