Meta-Analysis on Expatriate Support

Paul van der Laken, Tilburg University, and his colleagues are gathering primary studies to be included in a meta-analysis on the relationship between work-related support and expatriate outcomes.

In order to do this important research, they appreciate the community’s help in finding (un)published studies. Their outcomes include:

  • Organizational commitment
  • Expatriate performance
  • Turnover/withdrawal (intentions)

Sources of support include:

  • Organizations, both home and host.
  • Support practices, e.g. reward structures, family support
  • Work relations, mentors, coaches, managers, peers, etc.

Any working papers, dissertations/theses, and/or conference presentations that may include relevant data are important for them and Paul and his team kindly ask to email your (un)published work to

Paul and his team thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.

Contact details:

Paul van der Laken
PhD student International Mobility Analytics

Tilburg University
Department of Human Resource Studies
Office: TiU P1.152
Phone: +31 13 466 2313

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