Overview of the Papers Presented in Nürnberg

The meeting in Nürnberg will be kicked-off in a few days and the following papers will be subject to discussion in our working sessions. If you are interested in this work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, using the contact form or by Emailing the authors directly.

1) Motivations of Global Careers among Expatriates in German Companies: A Comparison to the Year 2002

2) Traditional, Non-Traditional, or in Between: An Experience-Based Typology of the International Workforce

3) Language Barriers in Different Forms of International Assignments

4) Social Support During International Assignments: Construct Development and Validation

5) The Role of Host Country Nationals‘ Social Support for Expatriate Adjustment – A Multiple Stakeholder Approach

6) The Influence of Cultural Context on Expatriate Adjustment and Performance

7) What do they Expect, and what do we need to Offer? A Classification of Repatriation Strategies from the MNC Perspective

8) Repatriate Knowledge Transfer: A Multilevel Perspective and Future Research Directions

9) Expatriate Managers From Emerging Economies

10) Determinants and Consequences of Expatriate Adjustment: A Review of Concepts and Empirical Studies

11) Expatriate Management on Individual and Organizational Levels: A Conceptual Framework

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