New Publication in Journal of World Business (JWB) and AOM Best Paper Proceedings

Good news reached us from Kaiserslautern today. Our network member, Matthias Baum, and his co-authors Sui Sui (Ryerson University, Toronto, Kanada) and Horatio M. Morgan (Ryerson University, Toronto, Kanada) recently published an article entitled “Internationalization of Immigrant-Owned SMEs: The Role of Language“ in the Journal of World Business.

Baum and his team argue that immigrant entrepreneurs have become increasingly important to economic development and state that there is substantial debate regarding their enhanced potential to expand their activities across national borders. However, research regarding how immigrant-owned small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engage in internationalization and how entrepreneurs’ native languages might influence such processes remains in its infancy. They draw on a sample of 3077 Canadian SMEs and evaluated the impact of immigrant ownership and the moderating role of native language on companies’ decisions to export to global markets and to the English-speaking regional market. They found that immigrant ownership generally fostered a global orientation, particularly for French and Allophone owners.

The article can be downloaded here.

Moreover, another article of Matthias Baum, entitled “The Influence of Entry Density on the Survivability of SMEs in International Markets”, co-authored by  Sui Sui and Shavin Malhotra, has been elected as one of the best research papers at this year’s Academy of Management Annual meeting in Vancouver and will thus be included in the Best Paper Proceedings. Congratulations!


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