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This is your link to research on expatriation and international assignments in the digital age, where state-of-the-art research and practical expertise come together.

About Us is a platform connection state-of-the-art academic research with requirements and needs of practitioners. It serves as a communication tool for companies who are interested in human resource management and want their business to benefit from latest academic research findings. The website is still under construction, content is added regularly.

Thought Leadership

Our research is driven by curiosity and the desire to to make an impact for companies. We aim to be thought leaders in our field.

Rigorous Methods

Our data is analyzed using rigorous, state-of-the-art statistical methods to provide a solid foundation for the conclusions we draw.

Safe And Secure

All our research is conducted according to legal requirements and highest ethical standards. Your data is in good hands.

Research with Impact

As academics, we aim at publishing our research in world-leading academic journals. However, we believe that research in business also needs to make a practical impact. Therefore, we always strive to make our findings accessible for companies. Via reports, executive summaries, trainings, and workshops, we transfer our knowledge into the corporate world.

Featured Project

Expatriate Performance Management in Germany, UK, and Japan.

  • Deep-dive study in three countries
  • Assessing the status quo of Expat Performance Management
  • Individualized reports for participating companies
  • Industry benchmark to boost your business

Current Ongoing Research Projects

We are proud to be working on a variety of different topics in projects across the globe. The projects below are ongoing and we are

Expatriate Performance Management in Germany, Japan, and the UK.

Expatriate Psychological Contracts.

Expatriate Leadership in the Digital Age.

Why Research Needs Practice (and vice versa)

Business research cannot be successful without gathering first-hand information from corporate practice. We need you to „see clear“. Practitioners are making the decisions in organizations and they run the show. But that’s only one side of the medal. Independent academic research produces findings and knowledge that, transferred back into practice, can make the difference and help organizations to get better in what they are doing! Here are a few reasons, why you can benefit from our research.

  • Academic research provides an independent view
  • Universities educate tomorrow’s leaders. The better we do our job, the better they are ready for their job

  • We use state-of-the-art statistical methods, yielding in analyses beyond correlations and bar charts
  • We can provide you with best practices and new ideas
  • Research helps to spot opportunities and threats
  • Research gives you an external perspective and encourages you to reflect your company
  • Research helps you to find out what you need in order to become and stay competitive

The Team Behind

We are full-time academics and love what we are doing. We believe that connecting the corporate world with academia is essential for us to do our jobs properly and brings a lot of benefits for companies as well. Find out more about us.

Dr Benjamin Bader

Dr Benjamin Bader

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in International Human Resource Management at Newcastle University Business School.

Dr Tassilo Schuster

Dr Tassilo Schuster

Professor for Business Administration, especially for the Economy of Japan at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München.

Dr Anna Katharina Bader

Dr Anna Katharina Bader

Senior Lecturer in International Human Resource Management at Northumbria University, Newcastle.

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